Dining Out for Life is a local fundraising initiative for HIV/AIDS service organizations throughout the United States and Canada. On April 28, 2015, over 100 top Bay Area restaurants will donate 25% of the day’s proceeds to support the free and local prevention and support services at San Francisco AIDS Foundation. This is San Francisco’s 15th year celebrating Dining Out For Life, a way to raise awareness and support for the fight against HIV/AIDS in our local community.
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On Tuesday, April 28, 2015, join more than 20,000 patrons at participating restaurants for San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s 15th annual Dining Out for Life® event. Help support the free, local HIV prevention and care services we provide to tens of thousands of individuals in our community each year.
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You’re invited to join our Ambassador team and host an evening at a top Bay Area Restaurant with your friends and family. Ambassadors are matched to restaurants in groups of two—sign up with a friend and host the evening together. After everyone enjoys a fun night, 25% of their bill is donated to support San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s life-saving work.
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All proceeds from Dining Out for Life® directly support San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Please consider making a donation directly to the foundation, or find an Ambassador and make a donation on their behalf.
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Why I am an Ambassador

For Laura Durakovich, fighting HIV in our community means raising awareness, raising funds, and raising a glass with friends and family at a special event every spring. 
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Top Fundraisers
  1. Scott Friesen (San Francisco, CA) - $2,960.00
  2. James Loduca (San Francisco, CA) - $2,475.00
  3. Thomas Cross (San Francisco, CA) - $1,600.00
  4. Chip McAllister (San Francisco, CA) - $1,350.00
  5. Paul Tan (San Francisco, CA) - $1,000.00
  6. Daniel Sonnenfeld (San Francisco, CA) - $900.00
  7. Michael Miller (Oakland, CA) - $550.00
  8. David Hendricks (Berkeley, CA) - $425.00
  9. Andrew Hattori (San Francisco, CA) - $300.00
  10. Mario Banuelos (San Francisco, CA) - $300.00
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